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Tropicana Kids Smoothies

Tropicana, the UK’s leading chilled juice brand, is taking a step further in expanding its product range to encourage healthy eating habits among children. They have introduced Tropicana Kids Smoothies, a delightful assortment that simplifies the quest for kids to achieve their daily intake of fruits.

These delectable smoothies come in two enticing flavours with the promise of no added sugars – Pineapple & Mango and Strawberry & Banana.

This new product line represents the brand’s continuous evolution, as they recently made a strong statement with their “It’s That Juice” campaign. Tropicana isn’t just any juice; it’s becoming synonymous with innovation, catering to the diverse needs of today’s consumers.

Shockingly, statistics show that 1 in 10 children currently only include only one portion of their daily recommended five-a-day fruits. The introduction of Tropicana Kids Smoothies is set to make it much easier for parents and caregivers to provide vital nutrition to youngsters. To hep parents on their way, each 150ml serving of these smoothies covers one-fifth of the daily five-a-day recommendation.

Each blend is meticulously crafted from pressed fruits and enriched with Vitamin C, which supports the nutritional needs of active, growing children. An added bonus is that these smoothies are spill-free, which is a welcome relief for parents.

Whether it’s a treat for lunchboxes, a quick afternoon snack, an on-the-go refreshment, or a drink to accompany meals, Tropicana Kids Smoothies offer a delightful way to enhance children’s fruit consumption while keeping them energized and satisfied.

The Tropicana Smoothies are priced £3.60 for a 4 pack of 150ml cartons from most major supermarkets.