Little Kids

Yoto Player 3rd Gen

A few years back we reviewed the Yoto and while we loved that device, it is now back bigger than ever with the 3rd gen Yoto.

If you’re unfamiliar with Yoto, it’s a kid’s audio player which puts children in control of great quality audio content such as books, music, meditations, educational content, including free podcasts, radio and soundscapes.

Yoto is a resilient and intuitive audio device, shaped like a cube, designed with kids in mind. While many houses feature smart audio players like an Alexa and Google Home, it is its kid-centric focus, ensuring privacy and age-appropriate content that truly sets it apart.

In addition to the content, the design is spot on for children with a clear pixel screen and a clock. The multi-functional player enables children to enjoy stories, radio, podcasts, and soothing sleep sounds.

The Yoto Player’s third generation was launched this summer, and though its appearance hasn’t undergone a radical transformation compared to previous versions, it comes with subtle refinements aimed at product enhancement and the introduction of exciting new tech features. These improvements include extended battery life, increased storage capacity, and the convenience of wireless headphone compatibility. Don’t worry though, the system continues to operate with the same cards, so if you’re upgrading, you won’t need to be concerned about this.


So onto the tech…one of the biggest improvements is the battery life.  The extended battery life, which now offers an impressive 24 hours of listening time, means you can enjoy uninterrupted playback without the requirement to plug in, making it especially convenient for brief trips.  And on that all-important sound, starting from the initial system, it features a much clearer and more refined audio experience. This improvement is attributed to acoustically engineered studio sound, ensuring a much more pleasant and soothing listening experience, perfect for lulling you into a peaceful slumber.

Another great functionality with this version is its doubled storage capacity, now offering 32GB as opposed to the original 16GB. This expansion allows for a more extensive collection of up to 600 hours of content to be stored directly on the device, making it ideal for portable use outside of your home.


In terms of aesthetics, the Yoto maintains its previous sizing, with a few design enhancements. Notably, an exterior bumper has been added to enhance screen protection. The power button has also been re-positioned for improved accessibility, ensuring that little hands can operate it easier.

Introducing Bluetooth technology, it now also has the compatibility to include not only wired headphones but also wireless options from any brand, including the new Yoto Wireless headphones.


The Yoto Player offers even more accessories to enhance your experience. You can choose from the colourful Adventure Jacket, available in four vibrant shades for a touch of personalisation. If you prefer the convenience of a charging dock over USB cable, it’s also available as an add-on, alongside the new headphones. Additionally, with numerous new audio cards introduced this year, keeping them organised and readily accessible is made simple with the handy Card Holder that we have found a great extra.

The 3rd generation Yoto Player is a great addition to the range with some nice additions over its predecessors, offering enhanced usability and an even more enjoyable listening experience.

The Yoto Player is priced £99.99 from Yoto.