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Jessie J Must-Haves

Jessie J, the recent addition to the new mums’ club, joyfully introduced baby Sky to the world just a few months ago. With her impeccable maternity and new mum fashion, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the latest items making their way onto celebrity gift lists. We’ve curated a selection of Jessie J’s must-have products to inspire your very own baby wish list…

Panda Bamboo Baby Muslins – Super soft and eco-friendly, these bamboo muslins are perfect for your baby’s delicate skin.

BIBS Colour Soother – A stylish and soothing solution to keep your baby content and happy.

Nuna MIXX Next Stroller – Combining style and functionality, this stroller takes your baby from birth and beyond.

Vital Baby Advanced Pro UV Steriliser and Dryer – A modern essential for keeping your baby’s feeding items safe and sanitised.

HelloBaby Baby Monitor – Stay connected and ensure your baby’s safety with this reliable baby monitor.

Love to Dream Swaddle Up – This innovative swaddle allows your baby to sleep comfortably and safely.

MORI Clever Zip Sleepsuit – A practical and cosy sleepsuit with a clever zipper design for easy dressing and changing.

If you’re feeling inspired by this list and eager to curate your own unique gift list, Amazon offers a wide selection of baby products to help you get started. Explore their extensive range of baby essentials and must-have items to create the perfect wish list for your little one.