Little Kids

Christmas Gift Guide: 5-8 Years

Step into the enchanting world of childhood wonder with our curated gift guide for youngsters aged 5 to 8. As the festive season approaches, finding the perfect presents that captivate their imagination and fuel their sense of curiosity can be tricky. From interactive toys that spark creativity to educational wonders that make learning a joyous adventure, we have pulled out our top picks this Christmas…

BumBumz Plush, from £4 Smyths Toys

Introducing the latest and trendiest plush release from the creators of Squishmallows, these beanbag cuties are as distinctive and diverse as their collectors. Crafted from soft fabric and perfect for sensory play, they make an excellent addition to any Squishmallows enthusiast’s collection.

Giles & Posner Candy Floss Maker, £26.99 Amazon

This retro machine effortlessly transforms a spoonful of coloured candyfloss sugar into delightful home-made treats. Quick, easy, and safe with non-slip feet, it brings funfair style magic to your home with fluffy candyfloss in minutes, collected conveniently with the included wooden sticks.

Polarn O. Pyret PJs, £24 Polarn O Pyret

Indulge in unparalleled comfort with PO.P PJs. Making a festive comeback this Christmas, the allure of twinning is undeniable as you can effortlessly coordinate PJs for the whole family from this one stop shop. Featuring nine beautiful new designs, including a delightful gingerbread house adorned with singing snowmen, these super-soft organic PJ’s seamlessly blend comfort with style. And for those who appreciate tradition, POP’s classic red and white signature stripes remain a perennially stylish choice!

Thumbler Light Up Fidget Toy, £10 Amazon

Experience the thrill of Thumber, a symmetrical spinning top enclosed for maximum speed! Watch it zip around the track, whilst activating a mesmerising lightshow. This pocket-sized delight is perfect for kids and adults alike so it might be one to share – a fascinating and irresistible science toy!

Orchard Toys Elf Lotto, £6 Orchard Toys

A fantastic stocking filler, this game revolves around gathering the mischievous elves to be the first to complete the board! This festive lotto game includes 24 elf characters and four Christmas houses for lots of matching and memory fun. The compact travel size, also makes it a great gift to stay entertained during any planned road trips over the festive season!

BFF By Cry Babies Dream & Rym, £44.99 Argos

Uncover over 12 accessories and weave enchanting tales with this playset. This set showcases skater Dreamy doll and her unicorn companion, Rym. Kids can get creative by styling Dreamy’s vibrant, flowing hair and Rym’s majestic mane. There’s lots of magical experiences to be had as Rym’s horn lights up and emits sound when her head is gently pushed down. A perfect gift for imaginative play!

Edx Education Pattern Block Activity Cards, £13.99 EdEx

Infused with a touch of nostalgia for the older ones amongst us that may recall a much simpler and basic version from yesteryear, this set comprises 20 double-sided activity cards featuring picture displays categorised by shapes. Children can engage in interactive fun by replicating shapes and colours using the Pattern Blocks to match up with the designs illustrated on the cards for hours of fun!

HARIBO Superfan Selection, £6.50 Haribo

The HARIBO Superfan Selection brings together all your children’s beloved sweets in a generous gift box perfect for sharing. With lots of different gift sets, we love this ultimate variety gift for including Haribo faves – Goldbears, Sour Sparks, Jelly Babies Double Trouble, Soda Twist Z!NG, and of course, sweet and sour Twin Snakes.

Squishmallows Monopoly, £34.99 Amazon

Squishmallows Edition Monopoly is a charming twist on the classic board game. In this edition, players navigate the colorful and soft world of Squishmallows characters. Buy, trade, and collect these adorable plush creatures from the Classic Squad t the Fantasy Squad as you travel around the board. With Squishmallow tokens and themed cards, this edition brings a delightful and huggable touch to the timeless game of Monopoly, making it a perfect choice for both board game enthusiasts and Squishmallow fans alike.