Little Kids

Christmas Gift Guide: 8-12 Years

In our Christmas Gift Guide for kids aged between 8 and 12 years, discover a magical collection that transcends the ordinary, blending imagination, learning, and pure joy. From tech-savvy wonders to creativity-sparking toys, each treasure promises to make this Christmas unforgettable for the tweens in your life…

Spirograph Doodle Pad, £10.99 Play Monster

The Spirograph Doodle Pad is a creative delight! With stencil wheels, you can effortlessly craft endless Spirograph designs directly on the LCD screen. A perfect gift for anyone with a passion for artistic expression and geometric patterns.

Only For The Holidays by Abiola Bello, £7.49 Waterstones

This is a delightful Christmas read that captures the essence of the season. Bello weaves a heart-warming tale filled with love and family over Christmas. The characters come to life with genuine emotions, making it the perfect book to get stuck into during the school holidays. With a blend of romance and holiday cheer, this novella is great for any book worm.

Go Genius Football Game, £19.99 Smart Games and Toys

Go Genius Football is a game-changer for young footie enthusiasts. This award-winning board game transforms match-day excitement into an engaging trivia challenge. Players traverse the board, answering questions on top players, records, team strips, and penalty kicks. A great blend of sport and learning for family fun.

JD Bug pro Commute 185 Scooter, £89.95 Skates

The foldable scooter is a must-have for young kids. Its foldable design makes it easy to carry, and the combination of black and gold gives it a stylish edge. The 185mm wheels provide a smooth glide, and the JD Bug Pro ensures a comfortable and efficient riding experience. Whether they’re navigating city streets on the weekend or cruising through the neighbourhood on the way to school, this scooter delivers on both functionality and aesthetics, making it a cool choice for kids.

Hotel Board Game, £24.99 Smyths

Hotel is a classic board game that delivers a strategic and entertaining experience. As players buy, build, and manage their own hotels, the game unfolds with a mix of competition and tactics. The dynamic nature of acquiring properties and making savvy business decisions keeps everyone engaged, making it a staple for both casual and avid board gamers alike, promising hours of fun and friendly rivalry!

Botley® 2.0, the Coding Robot Activity Set, £89.95 Learning Resources

Botley, the coding robot, is a fantastic educational tool that blends fun and learning. With its user-friendly design, kids can easily grasp coding concepts and enjoy the hands-on experience of programming Botley to navigate various activities. The set provides a dynamic way to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills while sparking creativity.

Christmas Drink Flask, £28 Thermos

This limited edition festive Superlight Direct Drink Flask from Thermos is a Christmas essential. Its sleek design and lightweight build make it perfect for on-the-go hydration. Showcasing three festive-themed designs, this design includes icons such as candy canes, Santa, Christmas trees, gingerbread people, and snowmen adding a cheerful vibe. With Thermos’s reliable insulation, your drinks stay at the right temperature, ensuring you stay refreshed throughout the festivities

Lego 2K Drive Nintendo

This game is an exhilarating competitive multiplayer game that seamlessly blends the beloved world of LEGO with high-speed racing excitement. This engaging experience unfolds in an open-world environment, allowing players to construct their dream vehicles and embark on a quest to become racing legends. As an ideal Christmas gift for kids, LEGO 2K Drive offers a festive fusion of fun and creativity

Tony’s Chocoloney Christmas Tasting Pack, £9.99 Tesco

For those who find it hard to settle on just one favourite flavour, the Rainbow Tasting Pack from Tony’s Chocoloney is the perfect solution. This special assortment features six bars of their best-selling classic flavours, each adorned with a special Christmas makeover.

Block Party, £24.99 Waterstones

Block Party adds a refreshing twist to the classic party game genre. Instead of drawing, players use multi-colored wooden blocks to construct secret objects, infusing a dynamic and tactile element into the gaming experience. The race to build and the ensuing guessing game create an engaging and lively atmosphere, reminiscent of Pictionary but with a playful Minecraft-style twist. It’s a must-try for those seeking a unique and interactive party game that combines creativity and fun.

Leapfrog Magic Adventures™ Telescope, £109.99 LeapFrog

This is a captivating educational tool that turns learning about space into a magical experience for kids. With its interactive features and engaging content, this telescope sparks curiosity and provides a hands-on adventure through the cosmos.

Jigraphy 2023/24 Football Map if the UK and Ireland, £19.99 Happy Puzzle

This is a football fan’s dream, seamlessly blending visual appeal, informative content, and a great interactive element. The vibrant and detailed design captures the essence of football culture filled with stadium locations, team logos, and regional details. The map also serves as an educational reference, while the inclusion of stickers and markers adds a personalised touch, allowing fans to track their footballing journey.