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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Celebrate the extraordinary women in your life with our curated Mother’s Day gift guide, designed to honour and pamper the special mothers, grandmothers, and maternal figures who fill our hearts with love and joy. From luxurious skincare essentials to thoughtful personalised keepsakes, discover the perfect gifts to express your gratitude and admiration for the remarkable mothers in your life…

Alexandra Kay Time to Sleep Aroma Bracelet Gift Set, £20

Give the gift of tranquillity with a serene essential oil blend and aromatherapy bracelet. This calming fragrance duo combines a sophisticated aromatherapy bracelet with the top-selling essential oil blend tailored for sleep. Associated with attributes like strength, courage, and stability, the natural lava stones create a serene night’s rest as they gently warm against your skin, releasing their soothing aroma.

Herbae par L’occitane EDT, £59

Just in time for Mother’s Day, L’occitane’s newest fragrance, Herbae par L’occitane has launched. This captivating scent features a harmonious blend of fresh green iris, subtle herbal floral notes, and warm musky undertones.  Enriched with natural extract of Iris Pallida, harvested in the heart of Provence, this fragrance unfolds into a floral and enveloping symphony that evokes the spirit of the season.

Personalised Tony’s Bar, £6

Elevate your gift-giving game with Tony’s personalised chocolate bars. Unleash your creativity and add an extra special touch by incorporating selfies, names, embarrassing old snaps, or cherished memories with your Mum onto the wrapper of these delectable Tony’s chocolates. Whatever you envision, they can transform it into a unique and memorable wrapper.

Polarn O. Pyret PJs, £25

Because every day should be a PJ day, no gift guide is complete without Polarn O. Pyret’s iconic stripes. Available in a delightful range of springtime hues and the brand’s classic red, grey, and navy shades, there’s a perfect match for everyone. Crafted from the softest GOTS organic cotton, parents can even twin with their little ones, adding an extra special touch to bedtime routines. Treat yourself and your mini-me to cosy comfort and matching style.

Bird and Blend Moment of Calm Gift Cube, £10

Curated for serene moments of relaxation, each box contains 12 individually wrapped, plastic-free, biodegradable pyramid tea bags featuring six assorted caffeine-free herbal tea flavours. From the soothing Dozy Girl to the tranquil Moondrop Dreams, every sip promises a moment of tranquillity. A wonderful gift for tea aficionados, this thoughtfully curated tea selection is perfectly tailored for moments of pure relaxation.

M&S Blooming Lovely Candle, £10

Enhance the ambiance of your loved one’s home with the Marks & Spencer light-up candle, adorned with sparkling glitter for an extra touch of charm. Infused with a herbal scent, this candle boasts notes of lavender, cedar wood, vetiver, and eucalyptus, providing a tranquil aroma and soothing qualities that promote relaxation.

IQ Love, £12.99

Treat your brain to some love this Mother’s Day with this fun game. Featuring vibrant gemstones and double-sided boards, this engaging game offers 120 challenges to keep little ones entertained for hours. Perfect for on-the-go fun, the travel-friendly design is suitable for ages 7 and up. Stimulate concentration, logic, and problem-solving skills with this brain-busting game that proves all you need is love – and a little bit of strategy!

Emma Bridgewater x Peppa Pig Mug, £25

In honour of 20 years of Peppa Pig’s endearing charm, Emma Bridgewater presents a new collection of perfectly Peppa pottery.  Each design draws inspiration from the iconic character, Mummy Pig, and is meticulously handmade for that extra special touch.. From cheerful messages of happiness to vibrant rainbows, explore a whimsical assortment of Peppa Pig mugs, plates, and bowls adorned with delightful patterns.

Amarula Cream Liqueur

For a little tipple, indulge in the luscious decadence of Amarula Cream Liqueur, a true taste of Africa’s rich bounty. Crafted from the succulent Marula fruit, this velvety liqueur captivates the senses with its creamy texture and tantalizing blend of flavours. With hints of caramel, vanilla, and exotic fruit, each sip offers a luxurious journey of indulgence. Raise a glass to Mum over ice, blended into a fancy cocktails, or drizzled over dessert!

Glocusent Light, £18.99

For Mums who love to lose themselves in a good book, this portable light is a game-changer. Whether wrapped around your neck or clipped onto your book or bedside table, its non-glare LED beam ensures late-night reading is enjoyable and comfortable. Plus, with a rechargeable battery lasting up to 80 hours per charge, you can immerse yourself in literature without worrying about running out of light. Adjustable brightness and colour settings with three options further enhance the reading experience.

Clean Co Gin, £16

For those seeking the flavour of a fine tipple without the alcohol content, Clean G Rhubarb Gin provides an unparalleled taste experience. This non-alcoholic alternative has recently garnered acclaim with prestigious awards such as Great Taste and IWSC, solidifying CleanCo’s position as a leader in taste-driven innovation within the non-alcoholic category on a global scale. Enjoy the sophisticated and refreshing taste of rhubarb gin, crafted to perfection for discerning palates and mindful drinkers alike. 

Kit & Kin Bundle, £33.97

It’s always wonderful to receive a gift of pamper and this thoughtful and beautifully presented bundle includes all the essentials for a new mum. Check out the sumptuous body butter, a soothing breast balm for sensitive nipples, and a luxurious stretch mark oil infused with 15 nourishing oils. Offering a touch of luxury skincare, these products promise to refresh and leave skin silky smooth. Crafted without harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, it’s the ultimate self-care experience.

I Need Mum Truffle Selection, £24.99

Treat Mum to a moment of pure bliss with the I Need Mum truffles from Frank Canvas Products. Handcrafted with love and care, these delectable truffles are a delightful indulgence that captures the essence of motherly warmth and affection. Each bite unveils a symphony of flavuors, from rich chocolatey goodness to delicate hints of sweetness, creating a sensory experience that is truly unforgettable.

One4all Gift Card

And if all else fails, a One4all Gift Card, is a great gift for mum to treat  themselves to much-loved favourites or even something extra special with a treasure trove of choices from over 170 brands online and in-store. It can be loaded from £10 to a generous £120.  Allowing you to tailor the perfect gift that matches your budget, making the gesture even more meaningful.