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Toy Creche at The O2

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: a fun-filled, action-packed family day out that suddenly turns to tears because Mr. Flopsy has gone missing. The excitement of visiting the cinema, bowling alley, or indoor skydiving venue can easily lead to a beloved toy being left behind.

Understanding this all-too-common dilemma, The O2 has become the first shopping and entertainment venue to launch a ‘Toy Creche,’ a service designed to care for young visitors’ cherished toys while their families enjoy the day’s activities.

Starting this month, the Toy Creche at The O2 offers VIP treatment for cuddly companions, ensuring children and parents can enjoy their outing with peace of mind. Under the watchful eye of a dedicated Toy Creche manager, each toy is checked in with a special VIP lanyard. Youngsters are encouraged to provide detailed care instructions and preferences before their toys embark on a bespoke, access-all-areas tour of The O2.

A survey commissioned by Outlet Shopping at The O2 highlights the importance of these treasured items. It revealed that a staggering 93% of kids have a special toy that accompanies them everywhere. Given their significance, it’s no surprise that losing these toys is unthinkable: 83% of parents worry their child will lose their toy, with over a third admitting they “live in constant fear” of this happening.

The Toy Creche service aims to alleviate some of the enormous responsibility parents face on a family day out. It’s not just about managing the kids, but also ensuring the safety of their favorite comfort toys. Misplacing these precious items ranks high on the stress scale, with parents comparing it to losing a mobile phone (36%), house keys (33%), cash money (30%), car keys (28%), or plane/train tickets (19%).

Despite parents’ best efforts, a fifth feel it’s only a matter of time before a toy goes walkabout. Half of the children have already lost their special toy at least once, and one in five parents remain hyper-vigilant to prevent it from happening again.

The consequences of a lost toy are significant. Nearly half of children (42%) and even one in ten parents have cried over a lost toy, while a further quarter (22%) have experienced full-blown tantrums.

With the introduction of the Toy Creche, The O2 provides a much-needed solution, allowing families to enjoy their outings without the constant worry of losing a beloved toy. This innovative service ensures that every family member, including the plush ones, has a fantastic day out.

Janine Constantin-Russell, Entertainment District & Outlet Shopping at The O2 commented: “We welcome a lot of families through our doors, and they are all looking to relax and enjoy their time together. Arguably it’s hard to do that when you’re stressing about losing something special. We also know that any young visitor would want their beloved teddy, doll, action figure or toy to have a great day out too – so we devised a way to let mum and dad or carer focus on making the most of their day out whilst the more ‘cuddly’ family members get pampered in their own unique way by our excellent team.”

Running from 10am – 4pm from Thursday 30th May to Saturday 1st June, the ‘Toy Creche’ will be available for all shoppers visiting The Oon a first come first served basis. When arriving at The O2, just head up the golden staircase to the Upper Level of the shopping outlet to find the ‘Toy Creche’ located outside the Superdry Store.

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