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Nature’s Path

If you’ve not heard of it yet, then it’s one to watch. Nature’s Path cereals are focused on solely health and wellbeing. From their gluten-free offerings to their commitment to ethical sourcing, every crunchy bite of Nature’s Path cereals not only tastes good, but it is also a dedication to making a positive impact.

Nature’s Path cereals are packed full of natural ingredients, boasting a clean ingredients deck that includes healthy grains, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Whether you’re reaching for the Organic Berry Granola with its golden-baked clusters adorned with freeze-dried organic berries and creamy yogurt chunks, or the Mesa Sunrise featuring a delicate blend of corn, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, and flaxseed, each spoonful is packed with fiber, protein, and essential micronutrients. Maple Sunrise, another standout, combines the beloved Mesa Sunrise flakes with corn puffs and rice crispies, drizzled with organic maple syrup for a perfectly sweet morning treat.

Beyond their commitment to flavour and nutrition, Nature’s Path integrates sustainability into every aspect of their business. From using recyclable packaging and reducing food waste to partnering with Fairtrade suppliers and supporting charitable causes, they are pioneers in responsible production and consumption. Their efforts not only ensure a better planet today but also for future generations.

Nature’s Path offers a diverse range of cereals to suit every palate and dietary need, including those younger fussy eaters! The Millet Rice cereal, crafted from whole millet, oat bran, oat flour, and brown rice flour, delivers crunchiness and nutrient-density in every bite. It serves not just as a breakfast staple but also as a versatile ingredient in savory dishes. Meanwhile, Choco Chimps and Gorilla Munch from the ‘Envirokidz’ line delight kids and adults alike with their irresistible flavors and commitment to wildlife conservation.

You can find the full range of Nature’s Path cereals, including the exclusive Organic Berry Granola and others, at major supermarkets and online at Ocado with prices starting from £3.45.

For more information and to explore their offerings, visit Nature’s Path website.

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