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Sistema Ocean Bound

Market leader in food storage and hydration, Sistema®, has launched an innovative Ocean Bound Plastic range, crafted from post-consumer recycled plastic. This exciting collection not only brings a fresh twist to the world of sustainable solutions but also tackles the pressing issue of ocean pollution head-on.

Making a bold statement against plastic waste, the Ocean Bound Plastic range is a triumphant blend of style and sustainability, featuring a dynamic duo of bottles and a trio of ingenious snack and lunch storage solutions. With 35% ocean bound plastic incorporated into its design, this range is a direct answer to the call for action against the plastic waste that plagues our oceans. The remarkable ReviveTM bottle takes the commitment even further, boasting an impressive 50% ocean bound plastic composition.

Embracing creativity and practicality, the collection introduces two captivating newcomers to the Sistema® family – the ReviveTM bottle and the Slide ‘n’ SnackTM. Alongside these fresh faces, the Ocean Bound Plastic range proudly presents an array of crowd-favourite snack, lunch, and drink bottle designs, including the SwiftTM bottle, RibbonTM Lunch with Mini BiteTM, and Bento Cube with Yoghurt Pot.

Curious about the origins of ocean bound plastic? Brace yourself for a mind-bending fact, it’s all generated within a mere 50km radius of coastlines. With plastic waste recklessly discarded on land, shores, waterways, and riverbanks, teetering on the edge of polluting our precious oceans. Unlike responsibly disposed-of plastic in landfills, this rogue plastic waste has earned the notorious label of “ocean bound.” Shockingly, it’s estimated that this mischievous ocean-bound plastic accounts for a staggering 80% of plastic marine litter.

Enter the Ocean Bound Plastic range, strategically designed not only to curb this environmental threat but also to drastically reduce the influx of single-use bottles cluttering landfills. Staying true to Sistema’s® commitment to quality and durability, the collection shines as a testament to re-usability. Plus, it’s a win for health-conscious consumers, as all products adhere to stringent food safety standards and are BPA-free.

The Ocean Bound Plastic range isn’t just about function – it’s an artful homage to the ocean’s hues and nature’s elegance. Embodying serene aquatic tones, the collection boasts two captivating colourways, the tranquil Teal Stone and the majestic Mountain Blue.

The Ocean Bound Plastic range is now available for purchase both in-store and online, with select Sainsbury’s locations and Amazon showcasing its brilliance. To dive deeper into the details, explore the Sistema® website at, or catch a glimpse of this eco-friendly marvel on Instagram at @sistema_uk.