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Easter treats from Badiani

Looking to mix up your Easter sweets game and move away from the traditional hot cross buns and simnel cake? Look no further than Badiani Gelato. This award-winning, luxury gelato producer offers an impressive range of cool Italian alternatives that will have your taste buds hopping with joy.

Badiani’s products are available for nationwide delivery, so no matter where you are in the UK, you can satisfy your sweet cravings this Easter.

One of Badiani’s most popular Easter treats is the Colomba, a traditional cake that is to Easter what the Panettone is to Christmas for Italians. Badiani’s handcrafted version comes in a classic version studded with zesty candied orange peel and a dark chocolate option with decadent chocolate chips. Both cakes are topped with crunchy almonds and sugar sprinkles and finished in the iconic dove shape that gives the cake its name. The Colomba is available for UK nationwide delivery at £28 for the classic version and £30 for the dark chocolate version.

For something more unusual, try Badiani’s Semifreddo Eggs. These egg-shaped treats are filled with either creamy mascarpone or rich gianduia semifreddo and come in a single egg or colorful egg box of six, perfect for sharing with friends and family. Semifreddo Eggs are available for London delivery only and cost £4 for a single egg or £20 for an egg box of six.

Badiani is also offering a limited edition Colomba flavor gelato, which brings together the sweet, zesty lightness of the traditional Colomba cake into creamy gelato form. It’s the perfect scoop to enjoy on top of one of the delicious freshly-made crêpes or waffles you can order in any of Badiani’s 9 London shops. A single scoop of Colomba gelato costs between £4.80 and £6.30 for cups/cones or £20 to £32 for takeaway boxes.

If you’re in London, visit one of Badiani’s shops, located throughout the city. These shops offer a welcoming and Instagrammable environment where you can enjoy any of the menu’s hot or cold gourmet cakes, pastries, and gelato treats alongside specialty coffees, creamy hot chocolate, or Italian wines from small producers.

So, if you’re looking for some unique Easter treats this year, Badiani Gelato’s range of Italian Pasqua treats is definitely worth considering. With their delicious Colomba cakes, Semifreddo Eggs, and limited edition Colomba gelato, Badiani Gelato is the perfect way to indulge in something special this Easter season. Visit your local shop or order online at